A Dog's Life

Tribute - Some angels have four legs and fur

By Jane Adams

Nikita Isabella – thank you for being you. I will love you forever…

How do you even begin to pay tribute to such a wonderful four-legged angel? How do you put in words all the gratitude and gratefulness you have in your heart for 13 years of unconditional love? You don’t. All you can do is treasure in your heart all the wonderful memories you...


An unbreakable bond

Written and photographed by Hilette Hatting

An insight into our brave SAPS dogs and handlers

Left: Sergeant Shaun Dicks in front with his Rottweiler, Bruno, followed by Constable Romano Beck with Mia, Constable Luyolo Keli with Factor and Warrant Officer Riaan Victor with Velle.

If you were asked to think of a police unit that could be described as the cream of the crop, perhaps you would immediately...

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