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Thank you!

We have just returned from a prize-winning stay (Feb/March 2014 issue) at Burnham House pet-friendly B&B in Umhlanga Rocks. It really is a delight – a beautiful view of the ocean, clean, neat, a wonderful secure garden space for the dogs, convenient for beach and restaurants, very relaxed and welcoming hosts and delicious breakfasts. 

We would certainly visit again. Thank you to Simone, Antonietta, Dee and Jeanette....


Are we there yet?

Photograph by B Photographed

Left: Kalli, Gustav, Maya and Sascha

All my life I adored dogs. Growing up with dogs mainly being guard dogs and not allowed inside the home, I was never happy about the situation. I promised myself that one day I would make my own choices and that my dogs, no matter how big or small, would share my home with me. These were my rules and...


Love is...

Left: Jaycee & Jackie

“A crazy animal-loving couple” would best describe me and my wife, Evelyne. Evelyne worked at the SPCA for 17 years and at one stage we ended up with two German Shepherds, seven Maltese and three cats because the SPCA was flooded with them. And we tried to save as many as we could.

I have always loved animals but I must admit my true...


Saving Sir Ragz

Expressionless. Nose forever pressed against the opening of the cage. Still as can be, the odd whimper wandering lost between the excitable uproar within the other cages. Ragz – what a name for such a beautiful dog. Everything around me was a blur, all I saw was a dog so confused, so far gone.

It was an early Saturday morning, mist still alluding to the presence of...

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