Forever Home

Project Emma

By Jen and Jan Ehrenfried

Lost and abandoned, Emma finds a Forever Home in Germany

Jan and I were married on the 9th of September 2013, after which we flew to South Africa for our honeymoon, which included visiting 19 lodges, from Johannesburg to Cape Town. After an exhausting flight we arrived in Johannesburg from where we embarked on the journey in our rental car and, after about...


Together Forever – Luther and Roxy

By Marie Wells

Photos by Dino Lloyd

To see these two beautiful dogs, who had depended on each other for so long, only to be separated and then brought back together, is an emotion I will never be able to explain.

In June 2013, Luther and Roxy’s owners abandoned them on the property they rented in Bloemfontein. A neighbour realised that they were alone and started to look after...


The Miraculous Power of Love

By Mdzananda Animal Clinic Fundraising and Communications Manager – Marcelle van Zyl

Don’t believe in miracles? Well, it’s time to start believing.

Lillian and Archie Lehlehla live close to the Mdzananda Animal Clinic. Not too far from their home, a stray dog was roaming the area. Their hearts went out to this dog and they started leaving food and water for him outside their house....


Adopting Phoebe

The privilege and joy of adopting a senior special needs animal

Written by Beverly Kinsella and photography by B Photographed

Early in 2013 I had been considering adopting a second dog, preferably a senior, who I believed would hopefully be compatible with our existing senior rescued Spaniel, Benji. I thought he would do well with a bit of female company (although I think he wishes he was still...


The story of a gentleman

By Stella Meldau and Ana Ropot

Photography by Lola Meldau

A big life for a big boy!

Stella Meldau of Woodrock Animal Rescue starts the story…

Dale, previously named Dewar, came into our lives in July last year. Our kennel manager, Fiona, had a call-out: a Great Dane had been sighted wandering the streets, very afraid and emaciated. Fiona immediately set out with our senior handler, Noell, to rescue him.


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