Rescue Stars

Hellen working in the community

By Hellen White

Photograph by Emma O’Brien

I have a half-day job and spend my afternoons going around the various areas to feed, sterilise, inoculate and collect animals who are in need of veterinary care.

Having had a love for animals since I was a tiny tot, I had always seen the needs of animals in my community and assisted wherever I could. But the real rescue story began...


Canine blood donors

By Dr Liesel van der Merwe

Not only are dogs man’s best friend – they can also be dog’s best friend when a canine patient needs a blood transfusion.

Just as in human medicine, transfusions are frequently required in veterinary patients. Animals which have suffered severe trauma from a motor vehicle accident, or dog bites, animals with diseases such as biliary fever, animal bleeding from eating rat poison,...


Mike Kerr and Animal Outreaches – Touching Lives Constantly

Written and photographed by Hilette Hatting

An animal angel walks among us

We often hear people say that angels walk among us, which is a difficult concept to comprehend as they’re not present in a physical form. However, if that is how you feel about it then you obviously have not met Mike Kerr.

Mike has a soft demeanour and seems like an average kind of guy upon first...


From Behind the Camera – Emma O’Brien

Written by Emma O’Brien (with photographs by the author)

Emma O’Brien is a Johannesburg-based photographer who works regularly with animal welfare charities, including Barking Mad, CLAW, Pug Rescue and Sandton SPCA, to assist them with their fund-raising activities. Emma tells us a bit more about her motivation and passion for helping shelter dogs…

I became a photographer because I wanted to make a difference in the world, but...


A Second Chance for Special Needs Dogs…

Written by Lauren Namer (Founder of Petsave)

Petsave makes a difference

Left: Abby, Petsave’s most recent rescue

After being in rescue for a few years, I decided to concentrate specifically on “special needs” animals. I realised that special needs animals were a lot less likely to be adopted in a shelter environment and were often overlooked by potential adoptees due to their disabilities. I always...

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