True Tails

To Hell and Back

By Nadia Swart

The incredible story of a dog that was kidnapped during a robbery

Our precious Cocker Spaniel, Keoli, was taken during a robbery on the 11th of April at approximately 12:30 in the afternoon. Three men broke into our house and abused our domestic worker in order to gain access to our safe and car in the garage. She heard Keoli cry in the background but...


Old is the new Young...

By Emma Eldridge

Photograph by Lisa Daubermann Photography

Left: Amy (10), Scooby-Doo (9), Legend (11) and Petrushka (14-and-a-half)

If you love dogs, have dogs, and if your heart is big enough, have a lot of dogs, and when they pass, remember them fondly – and then get more dogs and love them.

Like most dog owners, we had never considered getting an older dog, but I was listening to a...


Riaan and Velle – A Tail of Triumph

Written and photographed by Hilette Hatting

Partners for life

Warrant Officer R.Q. Victor has been in the force for the past 18 years, starting out as a patrol/explosive dog handler. Riaan was interested in fire investigation and decided to attend the fire investigation course in Roodeplaat. He attempted the course with three different dogs but none of them passed. He also didn’t feel or make the necessary connection...


Saving Shadow

By Lesley de Klerk

One dog’s journey to love and trust

The day started like any other. It was around midday and I was at work when the receptionist told me there was a “very upset” woman on the phone who needed to speak to me. She was so upset that it took me a couple of minutes to figure out what she was trying to tell me. A former...


The “Underdog” is Doubly Blessed

Written by Brigadier Sally de Beer

Photos: Emile Hendricks/Foto24

The story of Kimberleigh – rescued from Kimberley’s Big Hole and now home with her rescuer

According to Wikipedia, an underdog is a participant in a fight, conflict or game who is not expected to win.

A cross-breed dog which mysteriously landed up fighting for survival at the bottom of Kimberley’s famous Big Hole, was wittily dubbed “Underdog” on social media...


Bessie the Basset – a remarkable road to recovery

The angel with a dog in a pram

There are many amazing stories of people who rescue dogs and I salute them all. All the owners who give selflessly of their time and love. This is a true “tail” of patience, tears and incredible courage to give one dog a normal life.

You may have seen her on one of the dog walking trails. The lady with a...

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