By Shannon Hunt

Don’t panic. Here’s what to do if your dog goes missing

It’s one of the worst feelings imaginable: the panic thatsets in when you realise your dog is missing. It happens to someone every two seconds, often when the dog is in someone else’s care, or in an unfamiliar area. Most pets are back with their family in the first few hours, but the odds...


Home Remedies - The pros and cons

By Dr Roy Aronson

 Is it safe to treat your dogs at home?

The most common killer of pets in the USA is Acetamenaphine. Sounds terrible, exotic and lethal. Until you call it by the name that millions of people around the world know it as – Tylenol.

This foregoing fact is enough, I am sure, to illustrate the dangers of home remedies. You must be careful, but help is at hand – you have a new ally,...


The Lowdown on Geriatric Surgery

By Dr Roy Aaronson

The good news is that it IS possible to perform surgery successfully on elderly and infirm dogs.

Firstly, let us define what the title means. Geriatric surgery is surgery performed on OLD ANIMALS. How often have I come across a case where an elderly animal has a problem that can be fixed but the vet has told the owner that the animal is too old for surgery.

Just to put a refreshing slant on...


Medical Aid for pets – is it worth it?

Dr Roy Aronson

Can you say: “Do the best you can to save my dog. I have a medical aid policy.”

When you take your dog to the vet for routine stuff like vaccines, itchy skin or vomiting, the bill is mostly affordable. Yes, you may have to forgo a meal out this Saturday, but you can probably cover it.

If your dog has a crisis, like a serious disease such as kidney or heart failure, or...


Common Poisonous plants in your garden

By Margaret Roberts

You might be amazed to discover that many of the plants in your garden are potentially lethal for dogs.

We receive many emails and phone calls from dog lovers asking us about poisonous plants in the garden. This list of the plants to avoid will go a long way in helping you to identify them. Remember that it is vitally important not to put food...


Finding your vet

By Dr Roy Aronson

Photography by Hilette Hatting

Criteria for finding a vet

  • The best way is to speak to your friends to get a personal recommendation.
  • If you are new to the area, go to your local park and speak to other dog owners.
  • Call the South African Veterinary Association and ask for a list of vets in your area.
  • Look in the Yellow Pages.
  • Ask at the local vet shop or...

10 ways to keep your dogs happy, healthy and safe this summer

By Dr Roy Aronson

Tips to safeguard your dogs in hot weather

We South Africans love summer, and braais, beach visits and other great outdoor activities are some of our favourite activities. We often take our dogs along with us and they too love summer as they get to spend more quality time with us. There are, however, a few things I would like to point out regarding...


To bath or not to bath your dogs… myths and realities

By Roy Aronson

Bathing remains something of great benefit to your pet

Let us divide bathing your dog into two categories. The healthy pet that may be a bit smelly or dirty versus the unhealthy pet that has a skin disorder. I will deal with the healthy pet first

Myth: Don’t bath your dog; you will wash off all the natural oil from their coat. Well, in my view...


Taking care of our pets in tough economic times

By Dr Roy Aaronson - Veterinarian

Pet health is being compromised countrywide because many people simply do not have funds for vets and good quality food.

Times are tough and money is tight, so let’s cut down on those unnecessary expenses! Let’s stop our insurance policy for a start. Where else can we save? That sore tooth – let’s just take a Disprin. The dog… hopefully the vomiting...


Euthanasia – a vet’s perspective

By Dr Roy Aronson

Photograph by Hilette Crouse

Vets are at the coalface of decisions of life and death when it comes to animals.

Euthanasia is one of the most difficult decisions anyone can ever make for a pet who is a beloved companion. Although the decision is demanded by humanitarian obligation, it is always traumatic for the person who must finally make it. It is perhaps the ultimate...

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