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Working in Animal Physical Rehabilitation

By Julie Weyers

The wagging tails and kisses make this job worthwhile.

Left: Julie giving Samantha massage therapy

Complementary therapies are quite common among people, but are also becoming increasingly well known for our pets. Humans have therapy after surgery, so why can’t our pets be allowed the same treatment?

I have always loved animals… I have an inborn passion to help them. It was from this desire that I...


Alternative Treatments

By Hilette Crouse

Images supplied by Dr Alma Kerr from the Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic and Alta Nel Reiki Clinic

There are supplementary healing treatments that you can consider for your ailing dog. We find out more…

Acupuncture for dogs

Acupuncture involves a process of fine needles being inserted into the body on certain stimulation points to assist in dealing with pain or certain diseases without using drugs or surgery. The word acupuncture...


Canine Hydrotherapy

By Sr Alison Fantin

Photography by Melissa Wilson

In Greek the word hydrotherapy means “Water Healing”

Hydrotherapy for humans has been used since ancient times, and some attempt at formalising treatment was made during the 18th century. Similarly, the benefits of seawater for the treatment and prevention of leg injuries in horses has been known for centuries. The greyhound racing industry eventually recognised the benefits of the equine treatment,...

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